WIRION® Embolic Protection System

A Streamlined Approach
For Lower Extremity Embolic Protection.

Simple. Flexible. Universal.

Designed for simple setup and deployment during peripheral vascular interventions. The filter comes pre-loaded in the rapid exchange delivery catheter and fits vessels ranging from 3.5 – 6.0 mm. It can be deployed anywhere on any 0.014“ guidewire for optimal flexibility. Its uniform 120μ pore size provides continuous blood flow while maintaining embolic capture efficiency. Plus, its universal design works with multiple atherectomy devices.

Pre-loaded in delivery catheter

WIRION Embolic Protection System

One size for quick selection

Single adaptable filter for vessels ranging 3.5 mm – 6.0 mm

Secures onto any O.O14″ guidewire

Provides freedom to select the optimal guidewire for the procedure

Deploy anywhere on the O.O14″ guidewire

Provides complete control over filter positioning without compromising wire support and stability

Compatible with multiple atherectomy

Removes constraints around product selection and compatibility

Retrieval catheter with retractable tip technology

WIRION Embolic Protection System

Ensures smooth deliverability when retrieving the filter

See WIRION in Action


WISE LE Clinical Study

WISE LE was the first embolic protection system (EPS) study to evaluate use with a broad range of atherectomy systems.

The study concluded that WIRION EPS is safe, can capture debris in all procedures, and has a high rate of device, clinical and technical success.1

1. Shammas NW, et al. WIRION Embolic Protection System in Lower Extremity Arterial Interventions. J Am Coll Cardiol Intv. 2018;11:1995-2003.
Delivery Catheter
Length: 144 cm
Outer Diameter (OD): 1.14 mm, 0.045"
Distance from Tip to Rx Port: 38 cm
Entry Tip OD - 0.75 mm, 0.03"
Length: 22.5 mm
Pore Size: 120μ
Frame: Nitinol
Filter Membrane: Nylon
Model Number
1 each
Sheath/Guide Compatibility
6 Fr
Package Includes: (1) Delivery Catheter with Pre-loaded Filter, (1) Retrieval Catheter, (1) Syringe with Flushing Tip