Non-Compliant Scoring Balloon in the U.S.



Rated Burst Pressure in the U.S.



Crossing Profile

Focused Force Angioplasty for

Non-Compliant Plaque Modification and Lesion Preparation

Focused Force Angioplasty for

Safe and Controlled Dilatation

Scoreflex NC is a focused force dilatation balloon with a dual-wire system which creates a focal stress pattern to facilitate safe and controlled plaque modification at lower resolution pressure

Scoreflex NC

Recommended Applications

Unique Catheter Design for

Dual-Wire Scoring

Short rapid exchange tip facilitates the combined effect of the built-in nitinol integral wire and the conventional guidewire to score lesions

Catheter Designed for

Excellent Deliverability

Lowest crossing profile in its class* and continuous hub-to-tip metal construction for optimal pushability

*Data on file

Non-Compliant Balloon for

Safety and Accuracy

Proprietary nylon formulation controls balloon growth and high-rated burst pressure

Lubricious Coating for

Enhanced Trackability

Hydrophilic coating on tip and distal shaft and hydrophobic coating in the guidewire lumen provide smooth trackability