Scoreflex® NC Scoring Balloon


Focused force angioplasty for non-compliant plaque modification and lesion preparation.

• FIRST Non-Compliant Scoring Balloon in the U.S.
• HIGHEST Rated Burst Pressure in the U.S.
• LOW Crossing Profile

Focused Force Angioplasty for Safe and Controlled Dilatation


Scoreflex NC is a focused force dilatation balloon with a dual-wire system which creates a focal stress pattern to facilitate safe and controlled plaque modification at lower resolution pressure.

Non-Compliant Plaque Modification and Lesion Preparation


Unique Catheter Design for Dual-Wire Scoring

Short rapid exchange tip facilitates the combined effect of the built-in nitinol integral wire and the conventional guidewire to score lesions

Non-Compliant Balloon for Safety and Accuracy

​Proprietary nylon formulation controls the balloon growth and high-rated burst pressure

Catheter Designed for Excellent Deliverability

Low crossing profile and continuous hub-to-tip metal construction for optimal pushability

Lubricious Coating for Enhanced Trackability

Hydrophilic coating on tip and distal shaft and hydrophobic coating in the guidewire lumen provide smooth trackability

Scoreflex NC Scoring Balloon in Action

Catheter Type Rapid Exchange
Guidewire Compatibility 0.014"
Guiding Catheter Compatibility 5 Fr(Ø1.75 - 3.5 mm); 6 Fr (Ø4.0 mm)
Proximal Shaft Diameter 2.1 Fr
Distal Shaft Diameter 2.7 Fr
Leading Tip Length 11 mm
Balloon Material Nylon
Compliance Non-compliant
Tip Entry Profile 0.016"
Crossing Profile 0.034" (Measurement excludes conventional guidewire profile.)
Marker Bands 2 (located on integral wire)
Scoring Elements .011" integral nitinol wire; 0.014" conventional guidewire
Coating Hydrophilic (distal tip to guidewire exit marker);
Hydrophobic (balloon segment and GW lumen)
Nominal Pressure 12 atm
Rated Burst Pressure 20 atm
Balloon Diameter (mm) Balloon Working Length (mm)
10 15 20
1.75 617-104-1U 617-154-1U 617-204-1U
2.00 620-104-1U 620-154-1U 620-204-1U
2.25 622-104-1U 622-154-1U 622-204-1U
2.50 625-104-1U 625-154-1U 625-204-1U
2.75 627-104-1U 627-154-1U 627-204-1U
3.00 630-104-1U 630-154-1U 630-204-1U
3.50 635-104-1U 635-154-1U 635-204-1U
4.00 640-104-1U 640-154-1U 640-204-1U

CSI is the exclusive US distributor of the Scoreflex NC scoring PTCA catheter manufactured by OrbusNeich Medical Company Limited.

Scoreflex and OrbusNeich are registered trademarks of OrbusNeich Medical Company Limited.

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