Diversity & Inclusion

We aim to deliver Our Mission through a commitment to transforming our culture and workforce to better understand and serve our communities and patients. We will do this by delivering value through our differences, creating positive change, ensuring equal access to opportunities, and seeking courageous and unhindered dialogues where people can be themselves.

In 2020, Scott Ward, CSI Chairman and Chief Executive Officer signed the PwC CEO Action Pledge, which committed CSI to continue to foster a culture that encourages the complex and sometimes difficult conversations about diversity and inclusion, implement and expand unconscious bias education, share best practices with other companies and create and share strategic D&I plans with our Board of Directors.

“I signed this pledge because in order to truly live Our Mission, it requires us to respect and value differences, seek to understand other perspectives, foster collaboration and teamwork, create connections, and an environment of inclusion.” – Scott Ward

Our employee-led D&I efforts focus on:

  • Attracting and growing a diverse talent pool.
  • Increasing representation of minority groups in senior leadership positions.
  • Enhancing our culture by creating an employee experience in which everyone feels a sense of belonging.
  • Positively impacting the communities we serve including a Paid Day of Service.
  • Addressing disparities in healthcare for patients living with PAD.
  • Ensuring diversity across our business partnerships.