Diamondback 360® Peripheral Orbital Atherectomy System

Diamondback 360 Peripheral Orbital Atherectomy System

In multiple clinical studies with real-world patients and the most challenging lesions, OAS has demonstrated successful lesion modification5 while maintaining low complication rates6.

Expand your PAD treatment options with multiple access solutions and low profile advantages of the revolutionary Diamondback 360 Peripheral Orbital Atherectomy device. The low profile design facilitates minimally invasive treatment options for those with peripheral artery disease.

Diamondback 360 Peripheral Orbital Atherectomy System

OAS is a Solution for Arterial Calcium

When treating peripheral artery disease (PAD), even with angiography, peripheral calcium tends to be underestimated.9 And studies show that calcium negatively affects patient outcomes.30,32


  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Advanced Age (>65 y/o)
  • Smoker
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Hypertension
  • Prior CABG
  • Known PAD/CAD


  • Decreased balloon and stent success31,33
  • Associated with a higher procedural complication rate that may be a predictor of long-term durability30,32
  • High frequency of dissections31

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The Diamondback 360 has a unique Mechanism of Action designed to:

  • Facilitate crown contact with 360 degrees of the vessel wall
  • Differentially sand away arterial calcium from athersclerotic tissue, leveraging centrifugal force to facilitate compliance change5, 50
  • Maintain continuous blood flow during treatment50
  • Achieve low complications6 and lessen the need for bailout stents5 when used with low pressure PTA

Max Crown

  • Designed for mild to moderate calcified lesions above the knee
  • Provides more engagement and luminal gain in mixed plaque

Solid Crown

  • Designed for moderate to severe calcified lesions
  • Delivers efficient sanding in calcification
  • Diamond-coated surface area allows for short run times

Classic Crown

  • The most flexible of our crown configurations
  • Designed for vessel bends, ostial lesions and distal below-the-knee procedures

Micro Crown

  • Designed with flexibility for tortuous vessels and tight bends below-the-knee
  • GlideAssist mode for the 1.25 Micro Crown enables the crown to spin at a slow speed (5k RPM) for easier tracking and removal of the device over the guide wire*
*CSI Data on File
ViperWire Advance CSI Diamondback Guidewire

ViperWire Advance® and ViperWire Advance® with Flex Tip Peripheral Guide Wires

ViperWire Advance® and ViperWire Advance® with Flex Tip Peripheral Guide Wires are designed specifically for the Diamondback 360® Peripheral Orbital Atherectomy Systems to facilitate proper device placement within the artery to enable orbital gain during treatment.


ViperSlide® Lubricant

ViperSlide is an exclusive lubricant for use with CSI’s Orbital Atherectomy Systems. ViperSlide increases the lubricity, therefore reducing friction between the device shaft and the ViperWire® Advance Guide Wire.

ViperTrack® Radiopaque Tape

ViperTrack adheres directly to the patient’s skin, providing accurate lesion measurement when using fluoroscopic or radiographic imaging.

OAS Pump

The OAS pump mounts directly onto an I.V. pole and provides power and the pumping mechanism for the Diamondback 360® System.

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*Manufactured by OrbusNeich Medical Company Limited or its affiliates

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