CLI Pathway

The future of CLI Care


Cultivating multidisciplinary care for the treatment of CLI Patients

Learning Topics

Team Approach for
Treating CLI

What is a CLI Center?

Peer to Peer
Training Opportunities


Expanding knowledge of CLI disease and advancing standard of care

Learning Topics

Evaluating a CLI Patient

Amputation Prevention in the Diabetic Patient

Strategies for Treating CLI in the RC 6 Patient

Clinical Evidence

CLI Treatment Guidelines

Peer to Peer
Training Opportunities


Mastering treatment techniques and advanced technology for long-term patient outcomes

Learning Topics

Equipment & Techniques

Alternative Access & CTO Crossing Techniques



Post-care Procedures

Peer to Peer
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Christopher LeSar, MD
Vascular Surgeon

Chattanooga, TN

Jihad Mustapha, MD
Interventional Cardiologist, President & CEO, Director of Endovascular Interventions, Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Centers for Amputation

Grand Rapids, MI

John Rundback, MD
Interventional Radiologist, Advanced Interventional & Vascular Services, LLP; American Endovascular & Amputation Prevention

Clifton, New Jersey

Julio Sanguily, MD
Vascular Surgeon,
Palm Vascular

Stuart, FL

Peter Schneider, MD
Vascular Surgeon, University of California San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

1225 Old Highway 8 NW
St. Paul, MN 55112
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